TAQNYA 2013 - The 7th Libyan Communication & Information Technology Exhibition .. organized by The Libyan Association for Technology ..will be held in Tripoli Exhibition ground on 21 to 24 January 2013 .. 
You are cordially invited to visit this exhibition which will be a valuable opportunity to meet & network with Libyan tech companies .. and see latest locally available offerings covering CIT products & serivces


Exhibitors will have the opportunity to show their products and services, and visitors will be given the opportunity to see solutions available to match their requirements, promptly provided by Libyan companies with a vision of creating a path for growth and development ..

TAQNYA 2013 Exhibition is sponsored by the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, thereby reflecting a new spirit in Libya.. Where the public sector takes a back seat focusing on regulations & planning … while the private sector would have the opportunity to build, develop and invest wisely leading to development of capabilities as well as creation of new jobs for graduates to build the Libya we all dream of.

International presence embodied by participation of global companies in this exhibition, is a clear mark dispelling doubts about the ability of Libya to proceed to enter a new stately phase .. nourished by prosperity, security and well-being ... Reenacting its renowned role as a cultural &  trade hub linking the west with the east and Africa … which will inevitably lead Libya to become a technology hub in the region .. as will be showcased in this exhibition …